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A Space for Grieving, Reflecting, Sharing and Supporting!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Ruoyun and I have been thinking of creating a space for ourselves and other people who have lost their loved ones to grieve, share, reflect, listen, and support one another. When we were struggling (and still are) to make sense of all that has happened to Aaron, we searched for advice and guidance from others, books, and the Internet, but have since learned that modern society has left increasingly little public space (or any kind of space) for people to grieve even though inadequate space and time for grieving may well cause serious, longterm damages to those in grief (and indirectly to those around them), as we have noted elsewhere on this website (ACVM). As our own efforts to find a way out and as our invitation to others in grief, we have decided to add this Blog for people to share and mutually support.

We hope to discuss our own grieving process and struggles regularly (at least one or two posts a week if we can manage our time and minds well enough). But others may share their experiences and insights here as well. If interested, you can follow this Blog as a member or join us as a writer by clicking "log in" at the top of the screen.

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