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Other pages of this website should have given you a sketch of Aaron's life story and experiences at home, at school, at hospital, and elsewhere, especially from the recollections of his teachers shared in "Memories of Aaron"). But there are still many other things that we even as his parents probably did not know much about. The following files, including short video clips added more valuable insights on his personality, thinking, and future ambitions. 



1. Aaron’s Future Plans as Envisioned in His Grade-7 Life Map Project


About two months before he was hospitalized in late November 2022, Aaron completed a grade-7 project called “life map” in which he outlined his earlier years and his plan for the future. We came across this document only after his passing. It sheds fresh light even for his family on what Aaron has thought about his future careers, etc. Moreover, despite the lengthy and painful treatment for Leukemia from 2019 to August 2021, he did not dwell on what he went through but only mentioned that in passing and in a very matter-of-factly fashion. That is consistent with how he handled his relapse and treatment during his last few weeks, and consistent with his personality before that. As a young boy who was quick witted and very sensitive to what happens around him, he might also get frustrated occasionally and even act out sometimes just as most kids might do, but overall, he really cared about others’ feelings and tended to gloss over the difficulty or pain experienced by himself. The following journal entries also revealed certain intriguing signs of a budding writer in its subtlety of thinking and expressions and art of brevity, as some of his former teachers have noticed, but we leave this for the experts to assess. What saddened us as Aaron’s parents and family is of course the fact that several months later, he is no longer here to pursue those dreams and carry out whatever he had planned to do.

Instead of trying to piece together from different fragmented sources a sketch of what he was like, we think it best to let Aaron speak for himself. So we share this file in its entirety.

My Life Map
By Aaron C.

Start: February,10,2010- June,2011

 I was born in Toronto, at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital.

My parents moved to Canada from New York before I was born. I went to an English school, but my parents only speak Chinese around me, so I  understand Chinese but only could speak English (Though my aunt taught me some Chinese later). Being born Chinese-Canadian meant that I had a different culture than some of the people around me, for example while other people were playing video games, I was playing piano, and while one of my friends might be eating spaghetti for dinner, I would almost always be eating rice.

Beginnings: June,2011-March,2019
I first met my friend around June of 2011(not named for privacy reasons), 
because our parents knew each other before we were born. For some reason the only thing I remembered about our first meeting was him hiding behind a tree. He lived right across from my house, so we became close very quickly. I used to play with him almost every day when we were smaller. Over the years, we shared many ups and downs, but we stuck together and I learned what a true friendship is like. I don’t visit his house as much anymore, but he goes to my school and we sometimes play games together at recess. 

Changes: March,2019-May,2019 
My little sister was born in March of 2019. I was very excited at first, but I soon realized the downsides. Changing diapers, so much crying it just became white noise, and a total of 6 hours of sleep (worse for my parents). However, during this big change with Covid and a new sibling, I learned how to be a responsible older brother, and help out around the house, as my parents had 3 children to take care of! My brother only recently left for university, so when I get bored, I read and play with her.

Growing: May,2019- Present
In May,2019, 2 major events happened. The first was my aunt coming to Canada to help my family take care of my little sister. She taught me different things like how to do laundry, cook food, and inadvertently also taught me Chinese as this was the only way I could communicate with her. The second thing was being diagnosed with Leukemia. Leukemia is one of if not the most common childhood cancers, and it starts in the bone marrow. It took almost 4 years of treatment for a full recovery, and during that time Covid also hit, so I had to go online for 2 years. I did learn how to play one of my favorite games though, and that would be chess. I played a lot, and participated in online tournaments. I also discovered a love for reading after finishing “The Song of Achilles”. I have probably borrowed and bought more than 500 books over the course of 1 year. One thing I will never forget though, is how my family stayed with me these past 3 years, even while taking care of my little sister.