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A federally incorporated Canadian nonprofit organization

Mission and Goals

To commemorate the life of Aaron Chen (2010-2023), who passed away at the Hospital for Sick Children on January 12, 2023, and whose gentle and loving spirit has touched so many people, the Aaron Chen Memorial Foundation (hereinafter the Foundation) was incorporated by his parents and other family members and friends through the Canadian federal government as a non-profit organization in January 2023, based in Toronto. The Foundation seeks to help raise fund and organize various non-profit or charitable initiatives outlined in its mission statement (i.e., its Articles of Incorporation), including (but not limited to) (1) supporting scholarships and prizes and other student-oriented activities at universities and local schools, (2) raising fund and public awareness for research and treatment of childhood cancer and other life-threatening illness, (3) promoting cross-cultural/ethnic/religious understanding in partnership with other non-profit organizations, and (4) facilitating other projects for civic or community improvements that are consistent with the mission and goals outlined in the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws.

All the public donations and the Foundation’s any other income will be used to facilitate the above-stated charitable/nonprofit purposes of the Foundation.

Context: Remembering Aaron and His Loving Spirit

For someone of his age, Aaron accomplished quite a lot during his short life. A quick and eager learner, he progressed in piano and badminton training to an advanced level within a short period of time. After he was diagnosed with Leukaemia, he found his true passion in reading, writing and chess. He taught himself in chess by playing against his brother Anthony and playing online with no coaching. Soon he began to win prizes in multiple local chess tournaments in Ontario. He was just about to start his first private lesson with a chess coach before he was hospitalized on November 26, 2022 due to relapse of Leukaemia. 

Two months before his relapse, he wrote in a grade-7 writing project called “life map,” that he looked forward to starting his university life in 2028 and later becoming an author, continuing to play chess in international tournaments while living with his two cats and helping take care of his parents and little sister. He had a beautiful vision for his life. Yet, that life was tragically cut short.

What made Aaron’s character truly shine was how strongly he held up under stress and pain, how he treated people with love, and how he stared death with incredible courage. In spite of the excruciating pain he had been enduring for several weeks and with laboured breathing, Aaron did not dwell on his own suffering or the impending death, but repeatedly expressed his love for his family and gratitude towards all the teachers, all the friends, and all the people who had supported him along the way. Many of these people (including his teachers, nurses and doctors) later have noted how deeply Aaron has touched their lives and hearts. Aaron will be remembered as an exceptional child in many ways and a wonderful human being. As a family, we will stay strong and carry on as he told us to do, and pass his loving and gentle spirit on to the larger community. As explained in the “About Us” section of this website, we hope to honour his life, memories and legacy by reaching out and helping others through this Foundation.

How Can You Help?

As Aaron’s family and friends continue to mourn his passing, celebrate his life and honour his spirit of love and bravery, we hope to help other children and family to pursue their dreams and opportunities.

You can make a difference on behalf of Aaron in two ways:

(1) by donating to the Aaron Chen Memorial Foundation to enable it to help more children as well as promising young people, including funding student-oriented scholarships, prizes, and school events and assisting other non-profit organizations for charitable causes and civic improvements.

(2) by donating directly to one of the registered charities (including schools, hospital, etc.) that have agreed to establish endowments, scholarships, prizes for the benefits of other children, students, patients, local communities or larger society in honor of of Aaron Chen’s life and memories.


If you choose to support us, please click the link below to choose one of the payment methods. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to come back later. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our foundation.

Proceed to donate to Aaron Chen Memorial Foundation or other designated charities


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a message below. Thank you.

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