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Donor Recognition Wall

As a token of appreciation, we would like to publicly acknowledge and thank all the people (including many friends and colleagues) who have donated towards the endowment for the Aaron Chen Memorial Award at the University of Toronto so far. Subsequent donors will be added to the list. Donators to the Aaron Chen Foundation and its other charitable causes will be acknowledged separately.

University of Toronto Scarborough Development and Alumni Relations Office 

Nannan Ding/Qiang Zeng

William Gough, University of Toronto
Michale Gervers, University of Toronto

Taisu Zhang, Yale Law School

Chih-chieh Chow (Cheng Kung Unversity) & Family

Nicholaos and Sarah Karkas & Family

Wallce Xi Bao & Family

Ruoyu Bai & Family 
Dandan Chen, SUNY at Farmingdale

Neil Ten Kortenaar, University of Toronto

Adam Liu, National University of Singapore

Junping Liu and Family

Wensheng Qu

Natalie Rothman & Alejandro Paz, University of Toronto

Alison Smith, University of Toronto

Shaoming Tang,  Renmin University Law School

Guangsheng Tian & Family

Shaoyi Wang and Hong Liu & Family

Hui Xu and Xia Qi & Family
Elegant Title
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